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Low Country Berry Cobbler
Our same recipe only in our Country Barrel. Coop with South Carolina Voc. Rehab. Clients.
Price: $5.50
Low Country Triple Chocolate Brownie
11 oz.Our best selling recipe ever. Made with Dark, Dutch and Milk Cocoa. Its like a brownie and fudge mixed.
Price: $6.00
Low Country Peach Cobbler
8 oz. makes a full 9" pie crust.
Price: $5.50
Low Country Cherry
Our Cherry Cobbler recipe, add 1/3 c Milk, 1 egg, your favorite Cherry Filling. 25 mins, and you are eating Cherry Cobbler.
Price: $5.50
Low Country Southern BIscuits
Sweet Southern Biscuits. Some say they are the Best In the South. Others can claim they are southern, just ask where they are truly created!
Price: $5.50
Low Country Pineapple Cake
Pineapple Cake or Hospitality Cake as We southerners call it. Bake for a New Friend to Welcome them to your Neighborhood.
Price: $5.50
Banana Nut Bread
16 oz. Banana nut bread, Our Top Seller on Amazon.
Price: $6.50
Pizza Dough Mix
16 oz. Complete with yeast
Price: $6.25
Southern BIscuits
16 oz. makes 12 biscuits
Price: $6.25
Blueberry Muffins
16 oz. Muffin Mix, add fresh blueberries
Price: $6.25
Chocolate Chip Cookies
16 oz. Real Chocolate Chip Cookies Mix
Price: $6.50
Dinner Rolls
16 oz. makes 16 rolls
Price: $6.25
White Bread Kit
16 oz. Makes a Full Loaf
Price: $6.25
11 oz
Price: $6.00
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. For our Commercial Bakers, we package our recipes in sizes for full size pans.Give me a call:Sandy Reddy ~ 843-761-1135 or email
White Bread Kit.  16.oz,  $ 6.25Dinner Rolls.  16 oz.   $ 6.25 Chocolate Chip Cookies.  16 oz.  $ 6.50Blueberry Muffins 16 oz. $ 6.25
Southern Biscuits 16 oz. $ 6.25Pizza Dough Mix,  16 oz. $ 6.25Banana Nut Bread 16 oz. $ 6.50
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